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I am Shantanu Sharma Graduated from IIT Roorkee (Completed in 2016) and I did my preparation for IIT-JEE 2012 from Kota Rajasthan.
If you want to get into top streams of any prestigious college then you need to go in the depth of the subject, just listen to each word of mine and make your Notes
So be Ready all the aspirants, here I am, I covered all the concepts of physics that can be asked in your exam, you don’t need to search for any book or any theory from anywhere, start learning with these video lectures, I am always with you, you can contact me anytime via What’s app (Number: +91-8287222487). Keep faith in yourself,

If you have any doubt, clear them in our online Doubt classes (Join our doubt classes with a free course at https://ideducation.in/free-course/ ).
You can put your questions in the notes n discussion section just below the video lecture.

Course Curriculum

Part 1 basic introduction about heat, basic knowledge which we need to know before studying heat, discussion about area vector and pressure exerted on the surface, talk about the volume, density, relative density/specific gravity 00:35:00
Part 2 basic difference between temperature and heat transfer, talking about the temperature measuring devices, like thermometry, we will talk about Celsius scale, Fahrenheit scale, Kelvin scale and some random scale and the conversion of temperature from one scale to another scale, discussion about the mechanical equivalent of heat 00:48:00
Part 3 discussion about specific heat capacity and heat capacity, heat transfer from higher temperature to the lower temperature, mixing and touching problems, calculation of equilibrium temperature and discussion about the law of mixing, total heat gained by a system will be equal to zero or total heat released from a system will be equal to zero 00:45:00
Part 4 discussion about the water equivalent and calorie metre, a copper vessel, discussion about the phase change, latent heat of fusion and latent heat of vaporization, solid to liquid melting and liquid to gas vaporization and so on, what will happen if we mix ice and steam then what will be the final condition means final temperature of the mixture and the amount of substituent materials examples based on it 01:00:00
Part 5 mixing problems if we mix ice, water and steam altogether then what will be the final mixture and a discussion about the phase transformation curves, by that finding out the relation between thespecific heat capacities and the latent heat of fusion and vaporization of two materials 00:54:00
Part 6 discussion on energy and power examples like immersion rod geyser and the conversion of kinetic energy into heat and if specific heat capacity is a function of temperature then how to solve the question 00:53:00

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